Sustainable Harvest Coffee Importers Encourage Transparent Markets for Coffee

Client:   Sustainable Harvest Coffee
Firm:   Butzel Long, Lex Mundi firm for USA, Michigan
Sector: Agriculture, Workforce
Issue:   Employment/Immigration

For generations, small independent coffee farmers sold their harvest at auction and did not know who actually purchased their product or what price was eventually paid. Since it was founded 15 years ago, Sustainable Harvest has been successful in creating an efficient market for coffee imports that directly benefits more than 200,000 farmers in Central America. They have helped farmers form coops and access new technology that requires less water. The organization's mission is to provide farming families with the training and tools needed to preserve the planet's tropical forest while breaking the cycle of poverty.

With only 31 staff members representing Sustainable Harvest's five international offices, each employee remains integral to the organization's mission. Clara Mager, a firm shareholder at Butzel Long, Lex Mundi member firm for USA, Michigan, has assisted Sustainable Harvest with citizenship support and immigration services for its employees by obtaining green cards and other forms of documentation for qualified staff members essential to the mission of the organization.

David Lippoff, Sustainable Harvest's Managing Director, commented on the support provided by Clara and the Immigration team at Butzel: "The legal team believed in these cases and refused to be deterred even when things were challenging. When one door closed, they found new ones to open. I can't think of enough good things to say about the Butzel Long lawyers." 

 Butzel Long has invested hundreds of pro bono hours into organizations like Sustainable Harvest. In Mager's words, the firm's pro bono efforts in immigration help organizations "fulfill needs within their organization to accomplish their mission." By solving these immigration challenges, Mager and her colleagues at Butzel are helping to improve communities and lives around the world.