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The Peninsula College Fund

Advise on Classifying Employees for Overtime


Help a non-profit supporting low-income, first-generation college students by advising on employee classifications for overtime.

Jurisdiction(s): California
About the Organization: The Peninsula College Fund supports low-income, first-generation students in their quest for a college degree and meaningful employment post-college.
Legal Entity Type: Nonprofit/Charity
SDG(s): Decent Work and Economic Growth, Quality Education, Reduced Inequalities
Legal Issue(s):

The Peninsula College Fund has 14 full time employees, all located in California. Currently, employees who work beyond 8 hours a day are given comp time, rather than overtime pay. They hope to change that starting at the beginning of their new fiscal year (July 1, 2023). The organization’s HR team is seeking assistance with the process of classifying exempt and non-exempt employees for overtime. Also, they would appreciate assistance understanding the consequences of this shift. For example, will they be at risk of owing backpay? How can they make this transition as clear and seamless for employees? Finally, if possible, the Peninsula College Fund team would also appreciate a review of their employee handbook. The Executive Director/HR manager is an attorney and recently had help redlining the current version from a former colleague. However, they would love a review by a qualified attorney. If a volunteer cannot assist with both pieces, assistance with either one of these projects would be very valuable.