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Advise on Continuing Work Under University Policy


Assist the founders of a social enterprise promoting sustainable food production on what aspects of their work they can continue under a university policy.

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Jurisdiction(s): U.S.
About the Organization: Indigeponics’ mission is to promote sustainable food production and bridge the gap between controlled environment agriculture and indigenous communities by supporting both traditional growing methods and hydroponic growing systems.
Legal Entity Type: For-profit
SDG(s): Good Health and Well Being, Quality Education, Zero Hunger
Legal Issue(s):

Indigeponics was initially developed to complete one of the founders’ internship requirements for her graduate degree at the University of Arizona. She has since graduated, but the second co-founder is still completing his degree. They recently received word from a staff member at Tech Launch Arizona that Indigeponics and related resources under the project were considered the university’s intellectual property. The staff member noted that if they wanted to continue Indigeponics’ work, they could only do so through the Tech Launch Arizona program, which falls under the umbrella of the University of Arizona. Otherwise, they could choose to discontinue their work. The Indigeponics team is now seeking a consultation to discuss what (if any) aspects of their work they can continue independently without violating any terms of the University of Arizona’s policy. If possible, they would also appreciate guidance on what steps they must take if they decide to abandon their work (e.g., should they dissolve their LLC and business license?).