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Immersed Games

Consultation on Student/Child Privacy Laws


Provide a privacy law consultation to a social enterprise that empowers and encourages students to pursue STEM learning through interactive video games.


Referred by:

Jurisdiction(s): U.S. (focus on NY)
About the Organization: Immersed Games (Tyto Online) helps teachers and parents engage their students in actively doing science, by providing a video game that empowers students to directly explore science phenomena and solve authentic problems.
Legal Entity Type: For-profit
SDG(s): Quality Education
Legal Issue(s):

Immersed Games has contracts with school districts that allow students to play their games in the classroom. However, they are considering broadening their offerings to allow children to use their platform after school and during the summer. The Immersed Games team is seeking a consultation on privacy laws they should consider when working with children. They are particularly concerned about new New York privacy legislation.