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Activate, the social benefit network

Consultation on Fair Use


Assist a startup launching social networking tools to encourage healthy online behaviors with an IP consultation around the use of photos and testimonials on its website.



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Jurisdiction(s): US
About the Organization: Activate, “the social benefit network”, aims to launch novel social networking tools that create a healthy and productive online experience, in conjunction with a revenue model that is empowering and reinforces positive life habits. Activate also uses an inclusive entrepreneurship philosophy and execution strategy that allocates 99% of profits to benevolent organizations and causes, such as American military veterans, teachers, nurses, police officers, children, the homeless, etc. to align moral and financial incentives in society and build a passionate and progressive membership base.
Legal Entity Type: For-profit
SDG(s): Partnerships to achieve the Goals
Legal Issue(s):

Activate is launching their company brochure website and seeking a consultation around fair use for materials used on the site. They have a few questions relating to appropriate citations for data, quotes, pictures and other research, as well as required disclaimers.